General Information

The OSU Copyright Center is here to provide resources and information to faculty, staff, and students of the OSU Community about Copyright Law. We offer guidance to departments and other campus organizations in better understanding the applications of copyright law in higher education. To comply with legal and OUS mandates, we offer copyright clearance services for course packs, web publishing (including courses hosted on our Blackboard system), and multimedia materials on CD or DVD. These services are provided to ensure that copying or reproduction is done in compliance with copyright laws in order to protect the University, faculty, and the copyright owner.

To go in depth about the OSU policy, download OSU Policy on Copying and Distributing Course Materials

Blackboard/Multimedia users:

Digital permission rights are different and separate from print rights.

Copyrighted content hosted on Blackboard must go through the copyright clearance process for each term used. This mirrors the print and packet process. This includes text or PDF articles, or any multimedia.

Failure to properly clear posted material can result in fines for departments and for the University.

To start the clearance process or for more information, please contact:

Brian Wall    541-737-9058

Course Packets:

If you send your course bibliography to Benjamin Merrell at 4700 Research Way (at least four weeks before your class begins), we will make as many copies as you need, bind the materials into course packets, and ship them to the OSU Bookstore for your students to purchase. There is no charge to your department for this service. Students pay for the printing costs and any copyright fees. Please note that any copyrighted material is subject to this process. The cost of the copyright fee is added to the printing charges.

Benjamin Merrell    541-737-3978

Benjamin Merrell / Copyright Specialist / 541.737.3978 /