Mailing Services Guidelines and Hints

Please use the following information as a guideline when preparing your daily mail.

Mail Preparation

  1. Separate foreign mail from your First Class Mail.  Canada and Mexico is classified as foreign but please separate them from all other foreign.
  2. All foreign weighing over one pound must have a custom tag.
  3. Please send a separate peach or pink slip for each category of mail.  For your convenience, mail class descriptions are printed on the back of Mailing Services Order Forms and Parcel Mailing Order Forms.
  4. Separate classes of mail inside Mailing Services envelope :  Please be sure to keep classes of mail such as Presort First Class Mail, Discounted Flats and First Class Flats separated etc.

Presort First Class Letter
Standard size envelopes or equivalent, up to 2 oz. and not larger than 6 1/8” x 11 ½”, OCR readable addresses for automation discounts.  (No postcards).

Discounted Flats
Envelopes or equivalent 6 ½” x 9 ½” or larger, less than ¼” thick & under 13 oz.

First Class Flats
Envelopes or equivalent 6 ½” x 9 ½” or larger more than ¼” thick.  Envelopes containing disks or flats not eligible for discount rate and small packages up to 13 oz.

First Class Letter
Non-OCR readable pieces & postcards.

Metering machines will not seal clasp envelopes, self-sealing envelopes or thick items.  Up to ¼” is a good guideline.  Please seal them in your department.

International Mail
The Post Office requires customs tags on any parcel post, small packets and anything weighing over one pound.  Please fill one out and attach it to your package on the left side of the address. International mail also requires a customs form to be filled out, which you can find here, along with instructions and help choosing a form.

Air Letter
If you wish USPS service, please specify on your Mailing Services Order form.

Air Non-Document
Air service for envelopes or boxes containing non-documents such as: computer disks, video tapes, books, merchandise, seed etc.  Please state contents and value on on copy customs tag.

Thank you for using Mailing Services.  Please call 737-4941 for assistance.