What is Print on Demand? 

Printing and Mailing offers Print on Demand (POD) for large volume orders that are printed in smaller quantities when needed. 

•On-Demand printing has become a critical service offering to our customers

•We have converted approximately 30% of our offset printing to on-demand digital printing

•This process allows for continual update of the information and reduction in storage space demands and costs.

Samples of jobs we print on demand:

Sample of On Demand PrintingSample of On Demand Printing


What is a QR Code? 

OSU Printing and Mailing Services hope to inspire marketers and their creative agencies to include QR codes in their branding activity and communication campaigns. Mobile tags or QR codes provide and exciting opportunity to interact with customers in ways not previously available to marketers. These two dimensional barcodes can be applied to almost any surface and the information contained within them can be used to engage an audience to a set of directions, a form to complete, a video to watch, or just build brand awareness. Professors and instructors may include QR codes, that lead to additional articles or videos regarding a specific topic in their class notes and packets. 

Samples of a QR Code:

QR Code Example