Users are notified via email when exam processing is complete. The results of a scored test can be printed and/or emailed. Grade reports are emailed in a Microsoft® Word or PDF format. A raw data file (.DAT) and a Microsoft® Excel file can also be emailed if requested on the Work Order.

For in-depth questions about reports and sorting options, view the Test Scoring User Guide. Appendix A - Explanation of Statistics is particularly useful if you are trying to better understand the terminology used on the Statistical Summary.

    Example Grade Reports

    1. Alphabetical Report Listing (PDF)
    2. Student Summary With Key (PDF)
    3. Statistical Summary (PDF)
    4. Item Analysis Per Question (PDF)
    5. Grade Report File (CSV - Comma Delimited)
    6. Raw Unprocessed Data File (DAT)

    The CSV file can be uploaded to Canvas to update the gradebook for each assignment.