Test Scoring Work Order

Test Scoring Work Order - Fillable PDF 

Blank testing sheets can be purchased online or at XPress Stop (MU 61). This requires a department index number.

The User Guide contains in-depth explanations that are not covered on this page.

Contact Judy.Bankson@oregonstate.edu for assistance.

In the last name section of the exam key, write EXAM KEY and fill in the corresponding bubbles with #2 pencil. Exam Key Example. When using multiple exam keys, bubble in the Test Form Number for each exam key. Students must bubble their Test Form Number to be included on the grade report.

The report letter codes on the Work Order refer to how you want your reports to be sorted. Circle the preferred letter for each report (or circle none).

A:  Lists all class sections together

B:  Lists all class sections separately

C:  Lists all exam keys separately

D:  Lists all class sections and exam keys separately

Option 10 on the second page of the work order is where a test can be divided into sub sections. A grade will be given for each sub section along with a grade for the entire test.

Option 11 on the second page of the work order is where individual questions or a range of questions can be set to different point values. The point values indicated in this section will override the point value assigned by option 8 on the first page. Any questions not indicated in variable point section will be assigned to the point value given in option 8.

Option 12 on the second page of the work order is where a question can be assigned multiple correct answers with different point values if desired. Write the form/key number and question(s), and then write the point value for each correct answer. You do not need to indicate a 0 for the incorrect answers. Only bubble one answer per question on the exam key.

Option 13 on the second page of the work order to assign point values to questions that you do not want scored. For example, throwing out a question and assigning it a point value of 2 will give everyone 2 points for that question, regardless of what answer they've chosen.

Option 14 on the second page of the work order to designate questions as extra credit. Students that answer questions marked as extra credit will receive a point value if their answer is correct, but an incorrect answer will not affect their overall score.