Campus Freight provides heavy freight support for OSU for items weighing over 150 pounds or over 26"x26"x26" in size. We can provide shipping quotes, discounted rates on domestic and Canadian destinations, packaging materials and advice.

Our services:
  • Shipping quotes via common and express carriers
  • Discounted services rates on domestic and Canadian destinations via common carrier
  • Shipping and receiving assistance for large/heavy freight on campus
  • Forklift assistance for on-campus movement of heavy items
  • Packaging advice and materials
  • Freight claims, lost or damaged freight for large/heavy items

Campus Freight Order Form

Hours for Campus Freight

8:00am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday

Please contact us for any of the above services via or call us at 7-4019.

Freight F.A.Q.

Q. Is our department required to use Campus Freight for large shipments?

No. Departments can manage their own heavy freight and use the same carriers and discount agreements used by Campus Freight.

Q. Who is our customs broker for international shipments?

Please call or e-mail Campus Freight to get the latest customs broker information.

Q. Where can I get pallets and/or packaging materials?

Campus Freight often has reclaimed packaging available. We also have contacts with local suppliers for new packaging material.

Q. Our building does not have a loading dock. How do we get a large item delivered to our building?

Please arrange to have the item delivered to the Campus Freight warehouse. You may use the "ship to" code of QCF on purchases over $5,000. Please include a contact name and phone number on the shipping label. We appreciate notification of the delivery if possible. When the item arrives, we will notify the contact person listed on the shipping label and arrange redelivery to your building.