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Deans Directors and Department Heads List

Printing and Mailing Services is updating the old “DDD” (Deans, Directors and Department Heads) list beginning March 14th. The new list, called the “C list” will come from Banner and will be updated quarterly. Addresses will be personalized, helping to eliminate any question of who should be receiving the mailpieces once they are delivered to departments.
The C list options and the current associated quantities are:
C1: Deans  14
C2: Academic/Research Heads/Chairs/Directors:  207
C3: Administrative Heads/Chairs/Directors:  91
C4: Associate/Assistant Deans:  24
C5: Associate/Assistant Directors/Mgrs: 300
C10: Academic Advisors:  56
Departments can choose any or all of these lists. These lists include some off-campus addresses, and departments will have the option of sending to campus only addresses, or campus and off-campus addresses. Pricing will be based on the quantities, and will include copying on 1 8.5” x 11” page, 2-sided, B/W, and mailing.

Affirmative Action List   

The Office of Equity and Inclusion has moved its diversity lists to electronic listserv form. To access the new resource please visit

Faculty Forum Lists (Must Have Approval of Faculty Senate to be used (7-4344) (107 SS)

Changes must be submitted to the Faculty Senate Office
List A Prof, Assoc Prof, Asst Prof, Sr Instr, Instr.                   1415    120   Campus Envelopes
List B     Res Assoc, Sr Res Asst, Fac Res Asst                      704      56   Campus Envelopes
List C    Graduate Students/Grad Teaching Asst                   1261     76   Campus Envelopes
List D      Professional Faculty                                             593      114   Campus Envelopes
List AD   (List A & List D combined)                                    2008    147   Campus Envelopes

Staff Newsletter List -- Faculty/Classified/Retired

(Must contact News & Communication Services, [7-4611] for permission to use this list)

Campus Only 5095pcs 232 Campus Envelopes

U.S. Mail 216pcs

Shuttle  7pcs } 223 Generic Envelopes