A coursepack is a book containing material for use in the classroom. Coursepacks often contain excerpts from multiple publications, or they may consist of original material.

How to Submit a Coursepack

Separate orders must be placed with Printing & Mailing and the Beaver Store.

1. For Printing & Mailing, submit a Coursepack Printing Request online. Alternatively, you can download and print a paper form. Turn in your material to Judy Bankson, Printing & Mailing Services (4700 SW Research Way). For additional questions, contact judy.bankson@oregonstate.edu

2. For the Beaver Store, submit a course material requisition.

Electronic Coursepacks

For electronic coursepacks, access code cards are sold on the Beaver Store’s shelves. Codes are redeemed here. Access codes can also be purchased directly from this webpage, saving students a trip to the Beaver Store.

Coursepacks can simultaneously be offered as printed and electronic. In this case, the printed books will have an access code inside of the cover, allowing students to download a PDF to view on their computer or tablet.

Coursepack F.A.Q.

There is no cost to instructors or departments for producing coursepacks.

The retail price of a coursepack includes printing, bindery, and copyright fees. Electronic coursepacks only include copyright fees.

Rights holders charge anywhere from $0 to $1.00 per page for copyrights. OSU’s Copyright Specialist can determine the cost breakdown for your content and answer questions about copyright & fair use.

Instructors may receive one desk copy for free. Additional desk copies are rolled into the cost of student packets.

It depends. If you've put in a good faith effort to determine that your materials fall under Fair Use, then yes. For material that is not Fair Use, you must acquire permission before distributing. OSU's Copyright Specialist can help you make these determinations.