Agreement Includes

  • Consumable supplies to include toner and staples in proportion to the actual number of impressions made on the machine.
  • Any service required except for service due to acts of vandalism or user abuse.
  • Leasee shall keep printer use within stated copier "Average Prints per Month" range or below. Any consistent use above that number will result in a consultation with Printing and Mailing and a more suitable copier will be decided on as a replacement. The lease will be adjusted to match pricing and terms of the new copier.
  • It is the responsibility of the Leasee to ensure that a functioning network port is available, connect to the network, install drivers on each end user computer and a properly ground power outlets at the location of the copier installation.
  • Should the Leasee request to exchange, upgrade, or return equipment before the end of the 60-month term commencing with this agreement, OSU Printing and Mailing will make every reasonable attempt to relocate it to another department in need of like equipment. In each case, the Leasee must continue to pay the monthly minimum and usage charges until a new location is found or the lease term is concluded.
  • OSU Printing and Mailing will provide coordination with Ricoh of installation, address book migration, and functionality of copier.
  • Optional accessories are NOT included in the original terms and conditions.

Office Copier Accessories

  • Cost of accessories are prorated for 60 months from the month of installation.
  • Accessories are delivered and installed ONLY by a certified Ricoh technician.
  • All accessories are subject to the same warranty and maintenance agreement as the copier during the period of the contract.
  • The maintenance contract becomes void if an accessory is tampered with in any way.
  • Accessories are purchased by the department and become property of the department when delivered.
  • Drawer options remain property of OSU Printing and Mailing.
  • Returns or exchanges of purchased accessories are not permitted.