If you need assistance in filling out this form, please contact Printing and Mailing, 541-737-4941.

Requests submitted after 1:00 PM are picked up the following business day.

Regulated shipments (with required documents) must be submitted for pickup by 10:00am for same day processing.  This includes dry ice, as we do not have accommodations to hold overnight.

Please do not request a Parcel Pickup until your items are in the pickup location.

If Dry Ice is the only Hazardous Material, please select "No"

P&M transporters are not authorized to move Hazardous Material, except dry ice.

If a material is regulated:

1. The following Triple Packaging system is required:

  • Leak-proof primary receptacles
  • Leak-proof secondary packaging with sufficient liquid-and shock-absorbing material between the primary receptacles and the secondary packaging

2. Bring the "Open" box to 191 SW 35th St.

3. Do not submit this form.

Please print, fill out, and attach USPS Mailing Services form to your shipment.

Please print, fill out, and attach Department Shipping Form (Fedex/UPS/DHL) to your shipment.

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Campus Parcel Pickup Request