USPS Mailing Services Form

Our Mailing professionals offer a variety of services to not only save you mailing costs but also to create effective mailing pieces that meet all postal guidelines to ensure delivery with high accuracy.


USPS rates as of January 24, 2021.

First Class Letter: No Change - $0.55

First Class Postcard: No Change - $0.36

Priority Mail: 3.6% Average Increase

Parcel Select Ground: 1.3% Average Increase

Certified Mail and Return Receipt: 1.6% Increase

Mailing Class Options

Presort First-Class, First-Class, Priority Mail, International Mail, Bulk Mail

Bulk Mail Services

Mail list processing, variable data merging, mailing preparation

Direct Printing & Finishing

Inkjet printing, machine inserting, hand inserting, tabbing, labeling, machine folding, hand folding

Special Mailing Services

Certified/return receipts, insured, registered mail, and parcel tracking

Detailed Guide to our Mailing Services

Shuttle Routes List

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